Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bad attitude? Online shaming time!

CG3 H035 yeah we got your number. A group of us watched this idiot hit the bumper in front of him, repeatedly, which is idiotic in and of itself- especially so when you see that he is the LAST CAR in the row. Then he proceeds to park less than ONE INCH AWAY from the car in front of him. His wife and infant baby looked on in horror from the sidewalk. They likely knew it would be safer being FAR away from daddy when he's parking. When it became obvious that he was planning on leaving the car in front of him with no wiggle room to get out- our friend pointed out to him that he should maybe back up so the car in front wouldn't be forced to use HIS bumper to assist them getting out. Boy did that light this dudes tampon (yeah whatever....the metaphor stands- this dude acted like a c@nt- we ladies can't be the only ones that applies to... hell- look up Rick Perry for more examples of male cunt- ism.

You sir are a douchbag. I feel sorry for your baby. Please when the time comes- send him to drivers Ed.!

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  1. my hubby saw this and told me about it when he came home . Link says" too bad you could not get a picture of the guys car humping the other one "