Friday, November 16, 2012

Limo? Can't afford to park legally? Really?

I guess the rich assed mother F1ers can't afford to spot their chauffeur $5 to park legally in the lot across the street (where the photo was shot from)

This crowd is supposed to be money..... For shame Formula One... For shame.
License plate BNG 8835. You, sir, are a douchebag...... Or at least are working for one.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

3 more idiots parked on the same block!

So.....the bad example has been set by idiots 1,2 and 3...... Now three more douche bags joined the party!

3 for one douchbags today!

One block of Gibson Street- no parking anytime signs clearly note the 2 black cars are both Mercedes. The owner of the station wagon tells me after I mention to him that he's in a no parking zone "oh that doesn't matter".....yeah, buddy? Well you are a douchbag.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Here are some previous GOTCHA DOUCHBAG moments. This one ran over a cone to get into the artists market area and parked during market hours...

You, ma'am, are a douchbag.

Another one, a BMW this time with Texas plate BM4 J356 more disregard of cones and she just pulled right in next to one of the artists tents! (This parking lot is an active market on the weekends- The area is clearly marked off with cones and flags.)

  Guess what?? Douchbag.
The final one for todays wall of shame goes to this idiot in the white BMW with Texas license plate TCW 866 who just ignores the MOTORCYCLE PARKING ONLY sign. So what is this thinking there... "Gee but the spot is right in front of the restaurant!!" "Walking all the way from the parking garage is inhumane! It's almost one full city block away!"

Verdict? Yeah. Douchbag.

If YOU see some car parked as if by an entitled prick and it makes YOU mad....snap a photo of it and send it to me at and give a description of the car, license plate, state, and what it is about the parking job that makes you wish you had the nerve to key the damned car. I'll post it here- then we make it go viral on facebook.  Maybe we'll get through to one of these idiots.
Caught this guy parked AT THE CORNER IN THE CROSSWALK on Gibson Street at South Congress, Austin, Texas on July 14th, 2012 at 8:30pm. That is a black, convertible SAAB with Texas license plate 765 SXT
You, sir, are a douchbag.